How to install Apache 2 Triad

This tutorial provides the Apache2Triad installation. Apache2Triad Installation for Windows made easier. Download Apache2Triad from sourceforge.
apache2triad installation

How to install Apache 2 Triad?

Follow the instructions for installing Apache2Triad:

    1. Download of Apache2Triad from (How to Download Apache2Triad)
    2. Double-click the icon from the file you downloaded. This opens a small configuration window to begin the Apache2Triad installation. Leave the default settings as they are and click the button labeled “next”.
    3. The next dialog window allows you to set the destination folder, which for most people will be “C:\apache2triad”, but it works equally well installed wherever you like. It is recommended that Apache2Triad be installed at the “root level” of the drive chosen, for example, “C:\apache2triad” as opposed to “C:\Program Files\apache2triad\”, as this will save you typing later on.
    4. The next dialog asks you to set a password of no less than eight characters. It will be important to know this password as you will need it later on. Select an eight character password (ideally one easily remembered), write it down, then click the button labeled “next”, then the button labeled “I Agree” on the following dialog to complete the license agreement and begin the installation.
    5. After the files have been installed to the directory of your choice, a dialog will open that alerts you that post configuration is needed.
    6. Click the button labeled “OK” to continue.
    7. Several windows will open and close as the installer automatically configures most options for you, eventually stopping at a CMD window asking you to type your password from step. Do so now and press the “enter” key; post-configuration will complete itself, and at last open a window requesting that you reboot, which is necessary to start apache, php and mysql as Windows services.
      (Please note: Apache 2 Triad is not working in Windows Vista operation system)

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